Top 17 marketing platforms for actualizing successful social media objectives?

social media objectivesWhether you are a part-time social media marketer, a beginner marketer, or a business owner who wants to leverage social media opportunity. It will interest you to know that there is a lot of social media platform available. You need to select those that can help you actualize your social media objectives, reach your potential customers, and grow your business.

Don’t be deceived by the size or population of any social media platform. Instead, look for the right one that fits your brand. Conduct a marketing survey to know if your target audience is using your desired platform. Consider your strength and possibility of managing more than one social media platform at a time.

To understand these social media metrics, I did some social media marketing survey questionnaires in some top sites. You might be familiar to some, while others look completely strange to you. If you genuinely desire to know more about the social media circles that will benefit your brand, kindly explore the social media experiment ideas below.

Facebook has about 2.23 million users in the world. It has about 2 billion monthly users, with over 65 million business users and 6 million people who advertise on the platform. They either promote their corporate website or gain more followers on their pages and groups.

FacebookFacebook social media circles contain all types of content ranging from graphics, videos, texts, stories, etc. Despite this level of flexibility, those who use Facebook the most will attest to the fact that the platform prioritizes engaging content that can quickly spark meaningful and conversational interactions between users.  To get the best from the Facebook social media platform, take advantage of social media tools available to help you boost your internet marketing.

In a bid to make this platform easily accessible by its users, the Facebook team created two mobile apps known as Facebook mobile and Facebook messenger.

Who uses Facebook the most?

With the recent increase in Facebook popularity, about one-third of the world population is currently using Facebook for business, entertainment, webinars, reality shows, etc.

Which age group uses Facebook the most?

Following Facebook audience insights, the age group of Facebook users is between the ages of 13 – 65+. Except for adults above the age of 65, Americans are the largest users of Facebook.

Which gender uses Facebook more?

Following Facebook demographics on users’ gender, you can easily conclude that both male and female users are almost in the same range, but there is a slit difference. The percent of female Facebook users is 54%, while 42% of others are men. Let’s take a look at the insights below.

Facebook age and gender insights

Facebook users in percentage Age grade
51% 13 – 17 years old
81% 18 – 29 years old
78% 30 – 49 years old
65% 50 – 64 years old
41% 65+ years old
  • YouTube

YouTube is arguable to be the second most visited website globally. Its users watch more than a billion hours of videos daily. To start a YouTube channel for social media marketing, visit their official website and follow the instructions on the site. Internet marketers see YouTube as one of the best social media tools they can easily use for their planning their social media objectives. They create useful videos for brands and upload it on YouTube platform for channel subscribers to view, comment, like, and share.


YouTube is the second-largest social media site for marketing, learning, and entertainment. Google owns the platform. If you want your business to be on a mature social media circle, then plan your social media marketing using YouTube.

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a social media messaging app, with over 1.5 billion users in 180 countries. WhatsApp started as a communication platform between family, friends, and close associates. The App gradually developed into a vital tool in the hands of business owners and internet marketers who use the platform for communicating business transactions to customers.


With the continuous improvement in WhatsApp Business features, People can now have a proper business profile. These features make it easy for them to provide customer support and keep their customers updated on new stock and purchases. You can make use of WhatsApp Business App as a small business owner while others can make use of WhatsApp Business API to reach their social media objectives.

  • WeChat

WeChat was developed from a messaging app that looks like Messenger, WhatsApp, among other all-in-one platforms, allows users to call, message each other, shop online, make an offline payment, book reservations, transfer money, book taxis, etc.

WeChat remains the most popular social media platform in China and some parts of Asia. If you own business in these areas, ( Where Facebook and other social media platforms are restricted). WeChat remains the best alternative.

  • Instagram

Instagram is based on video and photo. You can make use of this platform to fulfill your social media objectives if you work in the media industry, as a photographer, and internet marketer, etc. Instagram gives its users the privilege to share a wide variety of videos, photos, stories, and it’s updated live videos. Before now, the platform does not accept long videos, but since the introduction of IGTV, the platform is now suitable for longer-forms videos.

To pull business leads as an internet marketer or business owner, try to own an Instagram business profile. This will generate rich analytics for your business post and profile. To maximize your social media objectives with this platform, learn how to schedule your Instagram content using valid third-party tools.

  • QQ – 861 million of MAUs QQ screenshot

QQ is a viral instant messaging platform that is very popular among young Chinese. About 80 countries are using this platform to achieve their social media objectives. QQ social media messenger is also available in different languages. It has so many instant messaging features. QQ social media tools allow users to decorate their profiles, watch movies, shop online, play online games, blog, and make payment across users.

Although not everyone knows much about the QQ messenger, it’s available for download on different app stores. The QQ social media platform is also an essential tool in the hands of internet marketers. Their desktop-native platform was previously the best in China, but for a while now, WeChat, another product from the same company, has taken over this position.

  • Tumblr

Tumblr takes the form of social media networking and at the same time, a microblogging site. You can use this platform to publish text, links, photos, videos, audios, etc. You can share almost everything on Tumblr to achieve your social media objectives.

More enticing is that a Tumblr blog looks similar to other online websites. Don’t be surprised a lot of sites are using this platform without you noticing.

If Tumblr social media platform is comfortable for your business, then you can add a corporate blog to reach out to your potential customers easily.

  • Qzone

Qzone has about 632 million users. It is another popular social media network in China. Users of the Qzone platform are allowed to upload different multimedia content, play games, write blogs, and decorate their online virtual spaces.

Following the social media marketing survey questionnaire, Qzone seems to be one of the popularly used social media platforms. Adults prefer using WeChat, but with the continuous increase in mobile-based platforms like WeChat, other web-based social media platforms like Qzone are fast depreciating.

  • Tik Tok

If you are familiar with the social media circle, you will notice Tik Tok is popularly known as douyin in China. It is a fast-rising music video social media platform. In 2018 first quarter, Tik Tok was the most downloaded app worldwide, beating other social media major competitors like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

The platform looks more like Instagram, where its users can post music video content to get impressions. Tik Tok social media tools allow users to record, edit, and publish short videos up to 60 seconds, using special music effects.

Following these social media metrics, Tik Tok is popularly known in Asia and gradually spreading to the west. The company recently acquired This was the social media network that was used to boost Coca-cola “share a coke song campaign.”

  • Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo has more than 392 million monthly users.  This social media platform is used like Twitter by Chinese users. (Since the ban of Twitter in China). It has similar features to Twitter. Users are allowed to post 140-character, upload videos, photos, run microblogging, commenting, and verification of the account. With all these features, top brands can easily achieve their social media objectives.

  • Twitter

Twitter is very popular; it has more than 335 million monthly users. It is the best social media site for sports, politics, news, entertainment, and lots more. The Twitter platform is so different from other social media networks because it has a strong emphasis on nearly all the information happening in different locations at the same time. Another unique feature of Twitter for marketing is that it allows up to 280 characters per tweet. (but 140 words for Korean, Chinese, and Japanese users), compare to some social media with few texts.

twitterBusiness owners prefer using twitter social media tools to promote their business. The platform can also be used as a customer service to give feedback to the customer’s questions. More than 80% of internet marketers make use of twitter to analyze their business social media metrics and salesforce. Twitter has a lot of social media marketing tools like Buffer Reply, which is capable of managing your social media customer service conversation.

  • Reddit

Reddit, according to the recent social media marketing survey questionnaire, has about 330 million users. It is often regarded as the front page of the internet. It allows users to submit questions, images, discussions, and links. Other users can vote a post-up or down.

There is also a subreddit (a dedicated forum) that users can use to post anything they want. Subreddits have several levels of engagement. This makes it a great research tool you can simply attach your brand to. r/social media is a very quiet but active subreddit you can join to achieve your social media objectives.

Besides participating in different discussions and submitting your content to Reddit, you can easily find content ideas from other users and advertise on it.

  • Baidu Tieba

This is another useful social media marketing platform, with more than 300 million monthly users. It is a Chinese forum that was created by Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine globally. If you are familiar with the social media networks mentioned above, you will notice Baidu Tieba is similar to Reddit. Users can easily create a forum thread on any topic of their choice and share knowledge to reach their social media objectives.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn has 294 million monthly users. This social media platform was previously created for resume and job search. It has gradually grown into a more professional social media platform, where experts in similar industry share information, network with those in the same industry to improve their brand. Many businesses now find it easy to actualize their social media objectives and become an authority in the industry they belong to. It is the right platform where companies identify talented people who can work for them.

LinkedInLinkedIn advertising features are very active because it sends personalized ads to the inbox of your target audience. It also shows ads by the side of their pages.

  • Viber

Viber monthly users are about 260million. Viber is related to most social media network messaging apps like massager and WhatsApp. It has so many features such as sending messages, making calls, multimedia, sharing of different files, etc.

Viber has a lot of social media marketing tools that provide opportunities for different businesses online. Internet marketers are comfortable buying ads and promoting brands using stickers to engage their community. They display products in the shopping section to reach their potential customers.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest monthly users are above 250million. It is the right social media for researching because you can quickly discover new things and get motivated. The primary focus of Pinterest is engagement. According to the existing social media marketing survey questionnaire, about 78% of its users are from top brands who finds it useful to their business compared to other social media networks. Pinterest gives your business a unique opportunity to achieve your social media objectives and shaping your purchasing decisions.

  • Telegram

Telegram offers similar functions like WhatsApp messenger. Top business brands make use of telegram in different ways, besides one-on-one customer support. Telegram allows business owners to create chatbots to broadcast their messages to an unlimited number of users who subscribed to their channel.

TelegramWhich social media have you tired? Why did you prefer them over the others? There are so many social media platforms you can try out, as listed above. However, we suggest you try out Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn for 14 days. This will enable you to decide base on experience on the best platform for your business.

What’s your experience with the social media network you have tried? Let’s hear your opinion or experience in our comment session below.

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