What are the Pros and cons of Facebook Messenger?

Facebook MessengerFacebook messenger was previously a messaging feature attached to Facebook. But in 2011, it was made a standalone app with more expansion in its communication features. With this social media tool, Business owners can easily create chatbots, advertise their brands, send newsletters, and conduct social media survey. Facebook Messenger has grown to become one indispensable tool in the hands of internet marketers and business owners. However, there are some pros and cons of Facebook messenger internet marketers should note.

This article will help you figure out the things you need to grow your marketing business and run a successful campaign in Facebook messenger. Below are the pros and cons of Facebook Messenger you should know.

Before now, we all take Facebook Messenger to be similar to other social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This was a misconception that limited users from exploring the more significant part of social media.

How is Messaging app different from other social networks?

Having studied all the pros and cons of Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps, I noticed people prefer WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WeChat. These four social media have more engagement compared to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. More revealing is that the gap between these two categories is getting wider. Instead of relating one-to-many, Social media has become one-to-few. With available statistics, one can quickly tell it’s now a one-to-one channel.

Following a recent study by Facebook IQ on mobile messaging, 12,500 People globally were surveyed, and below are some promising trends that were found.

social networksFrom the study, 63% of the population said messaging with their business has experienced a tremendous increase for the past few years. 56% of business customers prefer to message than put a call across to business for customer support.

More revealing on the pros and cons of Facebook messenger is that 61% of the population prefer personalized than mass messaging from Facebook.

More than 50% of potential customers would prefer to shop with a business they can easily message their sales rep.

Below are more interesting statistics of the Facebook messenger platform. If you are among those who are planning to add this social media platform to their business, then read the tips below. You will find out the seven ways you can use Facebook messenger to promote your business.

Seven ways to use Facebook Messenger for your marketing

  • Deliver quality and useful content

No doubt, Facebook Messenger has some flaws. However, it can be reduced to the minimum if only you can offer your users quality and useful content. Before now, Email Newsletters were the best way of sending a direct message to your target audience. Sending messages that contain relevant information to your Facebook page followers using Facebook messenger is very useful in internet marketing. It makes your customers feel they are part of your business and will find it easy to recommend you to friends.

  • Help your followers locate relevant content with ease

It is not enough to push relevant content to your followers regularly. Use Facebook Messenger to promote content that relates to their purchasing habits. This will help them “pull” the needed information to themselves.

followersThere are very many companies that are currently using Facebook Messenger to reach their customers. Examples of such companies are; Food Network, TechCrunch, and Foods Market. They are all using chatbots to help their followers get the needed articles that will be of help to them.

How to push relevant content to your followers using a chatbot?
  1. Use your chatbot for content marketing rather than making seles your primary objective. But you can send marketing and engaging content that will redirect potential customers to your corporate website.
  2. Make your website mobile-responsive
  3. Make your customers aware of what Facebook’s direct message is and how to know when it is sent vs. delivered. They will be mindful of how to get in touch with you for additional help. It can as well be used for customer service issues.
  4. Add browsing menus to your message, if possible. It enables users to locate relevant content of their interest.

To create a chatbot that enables your followers to locate relevant content quickly is a bit more complicated compared to creating a chatbot for content delivery. But there are different tools available on the internet you can use to actualize this. Manychat, Chatfuel, and Botsify have excellent templates and expert guides that you will need. Make your research on them; if you find them worthy, I advise you to go for it, they are a beneficial resource.

  • Engage participants

Use the Facebook Messenger App to engage event participants. You can achieve this by sending a reminder to subscribes, reminding them of the events they previously signed up. From all research carried out, it was concluded that Facebook Messenger has more response rate than email newsletters.

You can make use of Manychat bot to create subscriber lists and broadcast direct messages to them quickly. This form of marketing is closely related to the email newsletter. But it is more user-friendly than emails. The platform makes it simple to create your message with attachments and send it to your potential audience.

  • Generate high-quality leads

Facebook Messenger for marketing is still very new to online marketers and business owners. This App is an excellent tool in the hands of the Facebook sales rep to deliver a direct message that will generate quality sales leads. According to the words of Kachin from Chatfuel, The response rate gotten from Facebook Messenger is exceptionally high at the moment.

The figures got from several boards on their experience with the different chatbot, and how well it can engage audiences are 80 – 90% response rates. The worst ever experienced with chatbots falls within the range of 35 – 40%.

A marketing agency named Valassis, build a customized chatbot of Feldman Automotive Group. The Chatbot was targeted at pulling leads to boost sales for local auto dealers. It was crafted in such a way that will bring the person into a messenger conversation, where a chatbot would ask the person a series of questions. It will also give the person an option to speak with a real sales rep.

What are leads chatbots?

Facebook Messenger chatbots are new but have reached more than 100,000 people within the first few months it was launched. Business owners are sure of a minimum of 50 sales per month using Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

Before you start using Facebook chatbots, you have to learn all the techniques required to make it successful. A clear example was when HubSpot tried to pull leads using Facebook Messenger. Their result was a staggering of 477% reduction in cost per lead, but there was a slight decreased in the lead quality. Check out their advice below.

leads chatbots“To get the best leads, you will have to spend some time building a Facebook Messenger bot. It will gather relevant information, but the time and effort are worth it. Facebook ads and Messenger are compelling. I usually refer to them as a one-two punch.

  • Re-engaging your potential audience

One question in the mind of most internet marketers is how to get people that will contact them on Facebook Messenger for the first time. Here Facebook ads are required.

Which Facebook ads can you use for Chatbots?

You can make use of Click-to-Messenger ads or sponsored messages. Click-to-message ads, as you may already know, allows you to drive traffic or direct potential audience from Facebook News Feed to Messenger for a conversation. On the other hand, Sponsored Message helps you to start a messenger conversation with those who previously messaged your Facebook page before.

The best way to make use of Facebook Messenger ads features is to re-engage both existing and potential customers. They include those who previously visited your sales website but did not make a purchase or those who once asked questions on Facebook Messenger. A click-to-Messenger ad is a good option; you can offer them this in your channel to ask any questions regarding the post you are promoting.

Internet marketers see Facebook Messenger Sponsored messages as a medium to send a direct message to their target customers. From the walkthrough, they can tell the results of the ads.

  • Reach your target audience directly

Facebook Newsfeed is structured to meet your customers directly. Imagine the possibility of reaching out to your target audience with ease and little to no noise.

But there are some vital things to consider: There is a mixed reaction to one-on-one ads. While online marketers smile at this opportunity, most users see these ads as unpleasant. From personal experience, it will take some time for your customers or potential audience to become familiar with the nature of these ads in the Messenger app.

You can make your ads display on Facebook Messenger app by selecting Messenger home from ads manager.

  • Provide fast customer support

This last strategy in this category of Facebook Messenger is something most internet marketers and business owners are already familiar with. That is providing fast customer support using Facebook Messenger. This was what Jay Baer, the president of Convince & Convert, meant when he said; Facebook Messenger is new but a more convent medium to offer customer services. This medium can also be used to convince customers making inquires to make a purchase or refer their friends.

customer supportIf you are familiar with Facebook Messenger, you must have noticed users prefer to get in touch with brands via messaging platforms than other channels. They enjoy the fast response obtained from brands through this medium.

As I earlier mentioned, about 56% of studied respondents prefer to message brands than putting a call across to their customer services.A recent survey that involved more than 1,000 persons Sprout social discovered that most customers like to get feedback via social media. And within 0 – 4 hours of making inquiries while most brands take about 10 – 24 hours to reply. For this reason, many potential customers will look at the side of competitors because of the low respond they get from your brand.

What is the cost of ignoring social messages

Getting started with the use of Facebook Messenger for customer support requires the right strategy.

To begin with, you want people to reach you on Facebook Messenger. This feature is available on your Facebook page settings. You can turn it on under the “general” tab, search for “messages” then click on “Edith” tick the box and save the changes.

How to set up Facebook Page Messenger Settings?

When someone visits your page for the first time, they should be able to see a “Message” button on your business page. With this, they can click on it to initiate a quick conversation with you through Facebook Messenger.

How to locate the Facebook page “Messenger” button?

When you receive visitors’ messages, quickly click the “Inbox” button on your Facebook business page. You will find all the inquires there and reply to them as well.

If you are using Buffer, you can check the engagement tool, Buffer Reply. With this tool, you can keep fast conversations on Facebook Messenger. Buffer is also valid for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook from the same inbox. With Buffer online marketers is at ease managing their potential customers when marketing in different social media platform.

How is Facebook Messenger used?

As more and more people lunch deep into the potentials of messaging, the opportunity to grow business and boost sales through Facebook Messenger is getting bigger. Facebook keeps adding more features to its Messenger app to make it an excellent channel for conducting business activities. For example, the addition of Facebook Massager ads that allows business owners to reach their potential customers and communicate with them through the same medium.

Sending a direct Facebook message becomes tedious, especially when you manage a large Facebook page. You will spend all the time in the world trying to reach out to your recipients individually and still not meet your target. So take advantage of the Facebook Messenger to send a message across multiple users at the same time, this can speed up the entire process of messaging your target audience.

A social media marketer who goes about marketing without Facebook Messenger is likened to a mechanic without tools. A lumberjack with no axe. A captain with no ship, the truth is, you will have to do the extra work with little or no result. I think this trend is significant for all online marketers to follow, without leaving any of its feature behind. To get started with Facebook Messenger Marketing, follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Let’s hear your opinion or experience from the use of the Facebook Messenger marketing app. Leave a reply in our comment box below.

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