What is the best social media marketing platforms for your corporate blog?

social media marketing platformsSocial media has become one key element for a well-planned internet marketing strategy. However, there are different social media marketing platforms, companies, and strategies which allows its users to publish marketing related articles. This enables business owners to reach their potential customers and fulfill their business objectives. Before you expand your current social media marketing that works well for your business, make plans using the right social media marketing platforms and tools. Below are some vital questions you should answer to help you make the right choice.

  • Who is your target audience you are trying to reach?
  • Where does your target audience prefer to get information from?
  • What is the nature of your marketing content?
  • What is the message your content is passing across to your target audience?

If you can answer these questions successfully, it will help you define your business objectives and the right social media marketing platforms to market your goals. At this stage, you can determine with ease the right social media strategy and companies to handle your internet marketing. The statistics generated from your answer will help you prioritize the different social media marketing platforms to choose from.

Which social media platform is the best for marketing your corporate blog?

You can make use of more than one social media marketing platforms for your business. You shouldn’t limit yourself to a single platform when you consider more platforms useful to your corporate blog. Let check out the different social media marketing platforms available and how it relates to your business.

  • Facebook

Facebook currently has more than 2.27 billion active monthly users. Facebook comes first among other social media platforms. With Facebook Ads Manager, you can run Ads campaign targeting your potential audiences such as gender, location, age, education status, relationship status, device usage, interest, job title, and purchase behavior. More exciting is the fact that Facebook features allow you to customize your audience to reach potential and current customers.

FacebookThis is how customized audience works. You create your campaign based on your blog subscribers’ emails or using a pixel to target those who once visited your corporate blog. Companies that use the Facebook platform well can easily grab the attention of their competitors through look-alike Audiences. It is created from Facebook insights from users who are likely to have similar online behaviors.

It is also possible the audience you are targeting for your corporate blog is not what you can get directly from Facebook. It’s nothing to worry about. You can try Facebook Ads manager. It is a great social media marketing tools to create and serves Ads on top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, search engines, and other platforms online. From existing Facebook statistics, above one billion people views Facebook Audience network monthly.

  • Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media marketing platforms owned by Facebook; the industry has more than a billion active followers with similar advertising platform as Facebook. Instagram deals majorly with graphics and it gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand in a more visual form. There are lots of social media marketing tools, and infographics you can use to achieve your advertisement goals. If your brand is based on the media industry with a large volume of graphics, and video, you can take advantage of the Instagram social media marketing platforms.


  • YouTube

YouTube is argued to be the second most popular search engines in the world outside Google. It has above 1.8 billion active views monthly. It allows you to share unlimited internet marketing videos to promote your business. Each of the videos has social media and email sharing option that allow you and subscribes to share uploaded videos to friends and business partners. More interesting is that you can embed the videos you upload on your corporate blog for your people to watch or to explain your blog post in details.

YouTubeYouTube is a product from Google, and its Ads is more affordable compared to other social media marketing platforms. E.g. Advertd on Facebook is charged per 10 seconds views on your videos Ads. While YouTube will charge you nothing until a user has to watch your Ads video for at least 30seconds.

  • Google my business

This platform is one of the most ignored by different internet markets because it isn’t a popular social media platforms they desire. Surprisingly, Google my business has more internet marketing features compared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. All you need to rank and pull business leads are relevant and low competitive keywords. They affect your SEO rankings positively, and you also have the opportunity to get free backlinks from blogs and websites in your niche. You can search more on “Google my business” to understand and utilize its features for your internet marketing success.Google my business

  • LinkedIn

This is one of the social media marketing platforms mainly for professionals in different fields. It remains one of the easiest ways to get across your target customer on latest business deals. LinkedIn has so many features that connect industry partners, present a business idea or even recruit the best team members for your business. As a professional social media platform, it remains a top choice for B2B social media marketing. LinkedIn is said to be the best among other social media marketing platforms for pulling leads. It has about 46 percent of social media target traffic that is generated to most companies’ websites for B2B firms.


  • Pinterest

This social media marketing platform uses almost the same strategy as Instagram. It presents your business in a visual platform when displaying your product. It’s popularly used for show-off products like beauty, makeups, before and after images, curated pin-boards, etc. This is some vital facts you should know before sharing contents. Pinterest is a great source of craft projects, packing lists, wedding inspiration, landscaping, among others. It is focused on engaging your audience or corporate blog visitors. Follow Hootsuite statistics, close to 87 percent of pinners always make a purchase using this platform.


  • Twitter

Twitter is the fastest social media marketing platform with all the features for sharing socially or business trends in any industry. Majority of Twitter users are very young compared to users of other social media platforms. Your business can go viral within minutes. To use Twitter for your internet marketing, start conversations in your industry using the hashtags for people to locate your post.

TwitterUsing this platform does not only give you the opportunity to reach out to new customers in your industry but also help you monitor the negative or positive impressions and reactions from existing customers. It is just the right platform to reach your customers and offer them additional customer services.

How do you decide the best social media marketing platforms for your corporate blog?

Now, that you have an idea on the different social media platforms, the next task is to decide which of them is best for marketing your corporate blog. Remember to keep these social media marketing strategies in mind before choosing the platform that suits your corporate blog, First try to review your goals and target audience, then draft out your plan. Once your campaign goes live on your desired social media platform, analyze your internet marketing efforts and results in order to fine-tune the areas you are not doing well.

To become successful with your social media marketing strategies, avoid running from one platform to another at the early stage of your corporate blog. If you must make the most out of your social media marketing, then allow it some time and patience.

Let’s hear your experience on the different social media marketing platforms you’ve tried and how effective they were for you. Leave your comment below.

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