What are the best platforms to monetize your business websites?

platforms to monetize your business websitesLet’s not bore you with a long sentence. Your main reason for clicking through to read this article is to learn the platforms to monetize your business websites. Soon, you will read through the answers to questions bothering you without making a purchase of any eBook. This article is among the best guides for anyone who truly desire to earn with their business websites.

These quick platforms to monetize your business websites that have been tested and proven effective since inception. I am writing from experience the best platforms I have used and those I’m still using to earn from my business website. I can easily relate to blogging,  sales of courses, freelancing, among other numerous platforms to monetize your business websites.

We are going to draft our listing from the top ten platforms to monetize your business websites. If you can read to understand this article, combined with a long-term focus, you stand a chance to earn a living from your website. These are creative ideas to build the best business that can change your life if only you are willing to invest quality time to work.

Before I start to explain these ideas and creative platforms to monetize your business websites, I will like to clarify you on what a niche means. We are going to focus more on it in our explanation. If you are hearing the word niche for the first time, or you previously heard of it but did not understand what it means. Niche means a unique or targeted topic, audience, market, products, services, angle or writing in a particular tone that will make people notice your business with ease.

Niche is important to differentiate your business from the competitive space online. This will better your chance to grow your business and become an authority in the industry you belong to. Check out the best platforms to monetize your business websites.

It all begins with researching a profitable niche you have interest in or that has lower competition but on high demand. Create a blog on it, and write creative content that will build for you a decent audience. I know starting a blog is not an easy task; let alone monetizing it. But it is worth the stress.

Once you are done with creating a niche blog, the next step is to research the best monetization program will like to partner with. Look for those relating to your blog niche.

  • Build and sell viable software

Currently, there is an insatiable need for more useful software. You can build a special app to resolve an issue, consumer apps, or even a time-wasting game App on Pc and mobile. You can easily monetize it through different monetization programs available online.


If you are creative in building software Apps that can help start-up business or the general public resolve issues, you will earn from it. There are two possible ways to monetize your online software products as listed below.

  1. Use monetization programs or premium plans

With the advent of Google AdMob alongside other software monetization program has increasing software demands. Once you discover the right software idea on how to earn good money, proceed to design your App. After building the app, you can embed monetization codes from Google Admob or other monetization platforms.

It doesn’t end there. Your App should be designed to hide some relevant features to free users and complete features to premium users. When you are done with all the creation process, you can proceed to publish them on Apple or Google stores. You will make money each time people download your App or subscribe to your premium package.

  1. Bootstrap the development of your software

This process of creating software is far cheaper because you are to design and develop chops. It will cost you time to build your dream software from scratch. But being able to bootstrap the entire development of your App or software gives you more ownership credit and total control of every aspect of the software. It is cost-effective but time-consuming, but at the same time very lucrative.

If you can dedicate your time to learn development skills to build software products according to requirement, you will earn from it beyond your wildest imagination.

  • Start an eCommerce site and sell physical products

As opposed to the previous sayings that there are excess products compared to the available market for it. The truth is that the previous traditional means of advertising products or services don’t take the message around the consumers. But with the advent of online marketing, the hundreds or thousands of people to purchase products is no longer an issue, but the right shop to get these products from is.

https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/online-shopping-design-concept-small-people-1075475483These days, you can easily set up your eCommerce store using sites like Shopify, Alidropshipping, Facebook marketplace, and customize them with the best features to boost sales. If you are still looking for the best platforms to monetize your business websites, I advise you to start selling products now.

eCommerce is probably one of the oldest and most trusted platforms to monetize your business websites. Thousands of entrepreneurs have made money from their eCommerce store with less effort. It all begins with:

  1. Researching and creating physical products that are fast selling in their business niche.
  2. Purchasing and reselling less expensive products manufactured from different countries. You can as well choose to combine related products, repackage them, and sell at a higher price in your online marketplace.

Creating a unique product as an entrepreneur is never an easy task to undertake, especially at the early stage of business, due to the high level of cost and risk involved with starting your product-based business. So, the best way out is to find existing products at a reasonable price, in high demand and resell. You will find such products in DinoDirect, AliExpress, LithtIn TheBox, and several others of your choice. You can start your eCommerce store today.

Whether you choose to sell unique products or resell goods from other stores, you still have to consider how much stock you can carry per sales. eCommerce store does not require you to rent a space. You only need somewhere to store your inventory.

From recent research, there are new platforms to monetize your business websites, and the best of it all is dropshipping. Owning a dropshipping store makes it easy for you to partner directly with manufacturers or wholesalers of your desired products and sell in your eCommerce store.

The whole process is a little bit tacky. It begins with creating an eCommerce website, fills in different dropshipping products in your niche market, and driving in potential customers. Every other thing will be taken care of for you, once you reorder the products your customers pay for from the producers and wholesalers of the products. Just make sure you order with the right address and product specification that’s all.

More enticing is that you have the right to influence the price of products in your dropshipping website. No inventory is needed, you don’t have to handle any product yourself, no shipping from your end. It’s currently one of the trending platforms to monetize your business websites.

  • Sell your services on different Freelancing websites

If you are skilled in a high demanding niche, you can market your skill on different Freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed, College Recruiter, Freelancer, Guru, Servicescape, Craigslist, etc. Web development, Project management, graphics designing, online marketing, among others are top-selling niche and platforms to monetize your business websites. While many consider freelancing as a medium of making sustainable income online, others who do it full-time job make so much from it.

FreelancingFreelancing doesn’t require much startup capital. All you need is to register on the best freelancing site that reflects more on your niche. Run promotion on your gig (the skill and description of works terms) for potential clients to locate you. There is always plenty of work and clients on the different freelancing platform. The best advice for beginners’ freelancers is to research the skill with more demand so that every effort you put in searching for clients will be worth it.

Put down a list of skills you will like to create a gig on, then search for what people are offering, if it meets your gig standard then you can bid for it. You can as well check out with different companies and industries looking for freelancers in your niche to hire.

To earn from your freelancing career, you have to put the below tips into consideration.

  1. Decide on specific goals

Are you working for extra income, or you desire to work as a full-time freelancer? It takes time and utmost dedication to scale up as a freelancer working from home, so it’s better to make your goals known from the outset.

  1. Research a profitable niche

Did you notice how often we talked about researching a niche? You have to discover the areas your values, interests, and skills intersect. This includes your years of experience as a freelancer. Including a long-standing PR relationship with the ability to help startups business lunch a profitable campaign spending less, determines the extra knowledge in your skills that makes you unique and ready to showcase strength to any clients.

  1. Identify your target clients

Researching your niche and outlasting the skills you have to offer is not enough. You have to write down who your target customers are, then start searching for them. Some companies are looking for the service on your list. So, try to arrange your portfolio in such a manner that fits the company’s services.

  1. Don’t start with a contract

Remember you are only having experience in your skills but new to a freelancing career. At this stage potential client who knows your worth may want to exploit you by involving you is some long-term contract you might not benefit from on the long run. So, I advise you to start with a regular job. When you gain all the experience you need in your freelancing career, then you can proceed to sign a long term contract. At this level, you will understand the terms and condition better.

  • Start an online coaching service where you can sell your advice

Closely related to freelance services, you can make a lot of money online selling brilliant ideas and advice in a particular niche as a consultant. If you are an expert coach, tons of people will be ready to patronize your services. This is how most people monetize their business websites, and it works. This is a bit easier than freelancing career where you don’t have to deliver any products but a direct service. Teaching your clients how to become stronger, better, fast, and competitive.

online coaching serviceThe fastest platforms to monetize your business websites might not necessarily the most difficult. If you are a good life coach, you can make things simpler by packaging your coaching skills and experience into a simple program.

Let’s say you have the required skills and experience to practice as an online coach. But lack the right marking technique to reach your potential customers. I advise you to take advantage of different online tools and communities like email newsletter and social media platform. You will be surprised how easy it is for you to find the right client to teach on the topic of your niche.

You can also take advantage of some specific coaching platform like Savvy.is, larity.fm, and coach.me. They surely will provide you with the right network you need to reach your potential clients. These platforms also have the right medium to interact with these clients, and a secure integrated payment method to avoid issues of delay payment. Online coaching is one of the most limited platforms to monetize your business websites because you charge and get paid based on your coaching hours. But if you are an expert coach, you can make quality use of time and earn more from the packages you offer.

Online coaching is also one of the most natural platforms to monetize your business websites. All that is required is to signup an account with online coaching communities in your niche.

  • Create online courses and monetize it

If you are an authority in your current job, coaching, or freelancing business, it is one of the easiest platforms to monetize your business websites. Start by packaging that knowledge of high-value and sell it online as an eBook for as long as you desire.

Create online coursesBefore compiling relevant information to create your eBook, you need to learn the building, lunching, and online marketing process so that the time will be worth it. Although the process doesn’t require so much money upfront, it remains one of the best platforms to monetize your business websites.

If you are creating online courses such as eBook is also known as passive income. Once you get started, you will attain success fast from months to years with little marketing effort to boost sales. So how do you intend to but this brilliant idea of yours into an online course? To achieve this goal, we have put together four simple methods to discover, validate, lunch, and market your course. Read more on these below.

  1. Research the best topic to use

The first thing that attracts your potential customers to your book is the topic or title. You need to research and discover the right topic or title that best fits your online course. You can start with the most popular posts in your blog. For it to be popular, it shows it is relevant, and your target audience has an interest in it.

  1. Evaluate the importance to cost of the course

It is ok to create an online course, but it becomes disturbing if no one is willing to spend his/her hard earn income to purchase it. To evaluate the importance of your course, place yourself in the position of your potential customers without being bias, now ask yourself these questions. What is so special about this book? What will I achieve from studying this online course? Is the price fair enough? If you can answer these questions genuinely, then you can proceed. Else you might be wasting valuable time building something your audience will never pay for.

  1. Write, record, and edit the course content when the need arises

Change is one constant thing. Ideas change, new ways of undertaking a task is springing up. This is why you need to review and edit your online course immediately the need arises. If you go through the whole process of review and editing without adding the latest ideas from feedbacks of your initial students. You will notice a gradual decrease in sales until your course goes out of existence.

  1. Lunch and promote the course online

You can apply some internet marketing techniques like an email list, a blog, or online campaigns to lunch your online course. Your level of success depends on your marketing strategy to reach the right people. You can choose to start with your existing audience. They already know the content you are capable of producing, so buying won’t be a subject of debate. I advise you to learn some online marketing skills and some basic ideas, of course lunching before you put it live.

How to create an online course for the first time

What happens if you have the desire to create an online course, but you don’t have a blog you can select a popular post from? Or lack the required internet marketing strategy? Read further to learn the process of creating an online course without any previous experience:

  1. Take people’s course you are interested in

Taking a similar course in your desired niche remains the best opportunity to analyze your competitors. It also gives you the mental picture of what an online course should look. Once you figure out the structure of what you want, the next step should be what to include in the course. If the course you are reading from is exciting and relevant, what are your plans to create a better course? Is there something that makes you more unique than your competitors? You need to find answers to these questions if you truly desire to become successful with your online course.

  1. Choose the right niche with high demand

The golden rule in creating an online course is to choose a niche with high demand. If you can do this combined with your skills and unique experiences, then you are a step ahead of your competitors already. You can make use of some online tools like Google Trends, Longtail Keywords, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google’s Keyword Planner, etc. These tools will help you explore the average monthly search volume for keywords in your niche and also related keywords with low competition. You will also discover the questions people are asking concerning your online course.

People are continually looking for information online. If you are already a content writer for a blog or offering coaching services, you can test the rate of demand for your niche course for free.

Whichever platform you choose, you will become successful if you are dedicated to it. Please try and understand this article in detail to enable you to handle all the challenges you will come across in the process of creating a profitable niche for your business website.

let’s hear your questions and contributions in our comment session below.

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