What are the best online platforms to monetize your career

best online platforms to monetize your careerWhile it was previously a dream for employers to delegate some part of their job to freelancers working from home, businesses today have discovered the great potentials and benefits attached for allowing part of their office job to be handled by those working from home. This telecommuting process is not only the best online platforms to monetize your career, but it also reduces the overall cost due to less workforce and office space.

Employers are enjoying this cleaver idea because they benefit from people working for them for hours. Compared to the limited office hours and less productivity. This working from home opportunities cut across different niche and skills. Make sure you are not overwhelming with this home-based work or platforms to monetize your career. Do proper research so that you won’t fall victim in the hands of those ready to separate you from your money.

In our previous article, we talked about the reasons why a corporate blog is an important part of your business. In this article, we will focus on creative platforms to monetize your career. Sounds interesting, right? You can now develop new products, lunch it, and sell them online at the comfort of your home. Read below for more ways you can support your online efforts.

Are you aware that about 92% of what people are looking for on the internet is information? There are lots of niches yet to be developed digitally to sell on the web. Out of these 92% searching for vital information online, a large percentage is ready to pay for high-quality information, and that’s where you fit in. People are searching for any information that will be useful to them in their homes, lifestyles, offices, etc. These are why you need to advance and learn more skills that are related to the previous ones. It can be writing of eBooks, sensitive articles, special reports, among others. These are quick and creative ways to make money from home.

  • Create your physical product

Part of the creative platforms to monetize your career is to research a high demanding product niche, Create a product based on your skills and desires, with the specification of what people in your niche are looking forward to purchasing. Jewelry is high demanding product; you can create attractive ones at the comfort of your home and sell it on the internet. You can also send to market places or even consignment stores. It can as well be art, craft, or other related skills.

Don’t wait for people to start locating you at home, market your products online. If possible, use internet marketing where you have to pay some amount to an SEO expert to write organic and engaging articles for you. You can also take advantage of the different social media platforms available. Apply this creative idea to make money for yourself at the comfort of your home.

  • Create productive software

If you search online, you will find tons of software for different purposes. But the truth is only a few of them satisfy users. This is already a vacuum that needed to be filled. So, you can create different software (with the help of developers if you have no idea how to go about it) or templates that are meant to solve a problem. Others will buy from you to use because they want to get things done quickly. This software can take the form of a mobile App, web-based software applications, or specialized software for carrying out official duties. You can patronize developers at Elance, they are skilled and experienced to handle the software that suits your idea and create for you something you can earn from.

  • Render services

Rendering of services is creative platforms to monetize your career. You don’t have to deliver any product to your client. You can choose to train people on different skills you specialize on in batches, offer specialized advice, act as an online consulting firm, and so on. These are ideas you should venture into. It is something you will enjoy doing.

  • Launch a YouTube channel

Outside the major search engines, YouTube is a viable way to get traffic for your business websites through video creation. If you are good in video creation, especially 3D entertaining videos. It is among the creative platforms to monetize your career. I think you should try YouTube. YouTubers using bots to generating money from the system, made YouTube monetization program to change their monetization policy. This makes the program a more realistic one. To gain access into their monetization program, your channel should attain a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on your videos.

Multi-Level Marketing servicesThis is the basic requirement for being accepted into the YouTube monetization program. Other webmasters suggest that having some organic comments and likes on your videos fastens the entire process. YouTube is argued to be the world’s second-largest search engine after Google search, with more than 5 billion videos being watched each day.

You earn some each time your subscribers or anybody watch your video. It is a Native advertising system, meaning the more views on your videos, the more you earn. Imagine a channel with thousands of subscribers and with millions of daily views. YouTube, no doubt, is one of the best platforms to monetize your career.

Launching a successful YouTube channel is not all that easy. It is similar to starting a blog or a business website. The difference is that you are writing articles on a blog, but on a YouTube channel, you are to create useful or entertaining videos. The first step to take is to choose a niche to create a channel on. Similar to what we previously said, research for a demanding niche with low competitors. That way, you can quickly achieve your dream of becoming a successful YouTuber. Most of the niche you can create a video on can broadly be grouped into two major categories.

  1. Educational content

Majority of viewers going online are searching for answers to their questions, looking for how to resolve an issue easily. It all narrows down to learning something new, and videos with the right description are always helpful. YouTube over the years is gaining more popularity in the areas of education. If you do your research well, you will find out most video title on YouTube starts with “How to” and this has grown with about 70% per year. Making YouTube the right place to teach and learn almost anything you desire.

  1. Entertainment content

You can upload copyright-free web series videos, short comedy videos, Vlogs, or even a video of the games you played or live video games. There are so many ways you can use to entertain subscribers and views on YouTube, which are creative platforms to monetize your career.

Once you have a Gmail account, you can signup for a new channel and start customizing things to your niche. Your YouTube channel is big enough to house all your videos no matter the volume of the file.  I advise you to begin with an attention-grabbing title and descriptions for your videos; this will make your video rank top on YouTube search result.

It will also attract more viewers to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel as well. You can also take advantage of different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share your videos. If they are truly entertaining social media users will, in turn, tag their friends on your social media post or share the links to their friends in all the platforms. Creating a new YouTube channel and building decent followers is time-intensive, but with commitment and dedication, you will earn a steady income from it.

  • Creating a podcast of inspiring stories

At the moment, a podcast is very lucrative, and this is for a good reason. With the way people get busy with work and other daily activities, they are looking for alternative means to learn new things. This makes it a great opportunity for you to build an audience.

podcast of inspiring storiesBuilding the right audience big enough to attract targeted advertisers takes time, but once you get the audience, the time will surely worth the earnings.  More enticing about creating a Podcast that inspires people is that the market is always in search of fresh, quality content. And for those who are interested, the whole process has been simplified, even more, comfortable than starting up a YouTube channel or a new blog. You can decide to tell exciting and inspiring stories to build the right audience in your niche.

To tap into these creative platforms to monetize your career, you have to conduct some research on a variety of topics you wish to talk about. iTunes charts, Google Trends, Cast.market are great platforms. They will show you existing podcast in your niche so that you can improve on them when creating yours.

Next, you have to get the right tools ready for recording a quality podcast. This process can be complicated, so I advise you to hire a sound engineer if you are not one to set things up. If you don’t have enough resources, don’t worry, you can get a good microphone and audio recording software to record your voice.

If your podcast is taking an interview format, you can take advantage of different social media platform to reach a potential audience. They will share this knowledge. Tell your potential guest you need their help, after telling them who you are. Please avoid the mistake of telling them the date and time you fixed. Influential personalities always run on busy schedules, so allow them to set the time to avoid being disappointed.

Outside those mentioned, there are numerous and creative platforms to monetize your career. Once you have a PC and internet connection, you can make earn from anywhere, even from remote areas. It is possible you retain your current job and still work from home as passive income.

If you have tried the creative platforms to monetize your career as listed here, or you are motivated to start, let’s hear from you in the comment session below.

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